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One thought or two about money Saturday, Oct 31 2009 


Here is a thought or two about money.

Believe it or not, it all depends on  what your thoughts and beliefs are about money. If you attach the thought of power to the currency of money,  instead  of  attaching it to the value of the transaction (the value provided by  the parts involved), you instantly lose the option of developing a cooperative community oriented evolving institution and dehumanize the transaction whether it is a business or personal relationship.


Because if you think in terms of “money is power”,  and  your emphasis is on the money, what you are really doing is devaluing the human relationship  and the service or product. Furthermore you are devaluing and deforming the whole transaction.

Because the human being exchanging his service and product for money becomes a number in the transaction. Because  at a very deep level you are shutting out to the possibility of equality.

Because you are transforming and deforming the transaction  into some kind of  “favour” that places the transaction on a  patriarchal and cultural platform where everybody who doesn’t have money is in eternal debt to the money owners. Sounds familiar? (The landlords.) Then you have a scenario where everybody is enslaved to the currency. The currency becomes a god.

You are not allowing room for  equality and it perpetuates a vicious circle of victimization. Actually, not productive at all. History shows it over and over again. You know the saying…the definition of insanity is doing things over and over again expecting different results. 🙂 Thank the gods we are at the end of this circle…The numbers are made by people. People who are treated as numbers cannot give the full potential.

The reality is we don’t realize is that it is a very unconscious thing. The culture’s thinking is so rooted in your thinking that you don’t notice  you are using the same formula that created the mindset of competition and separation and you don’t even know it.  No matter how much your heart wants to co-create a new world of cooperation, community and abundance.  No matter how many peace demonstrations you go to.

You are trapped in your inherited perception of money…Interesting, huh? Then you feel divided in two…  no coherence…of course you feel that way. You are divided. The thing is, it is not that difficult to overcome. It is only about aligning the two and making a decision.

So,  back to money… Money is only an energy in the transaction. One of my mentors taught me that.  It was the Chairman of the Board of CEO Space, Berny Dohrmann. I had to peel the layers of belief that were installed in my hardware drive . It took some time to go to the bottom of my beliefs about money and find out where those thoughts and beliefs were coming from. Non of them was mine…they were transmitted to me by the people in my circumstance, it was what I was exposed to and stayed for longer I would have wanted…

The wonderful Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset says that man is the product of his circumstance. I add a product that needs to be reinvented.

Why is this important? Because if you want to change the world and stop being victimized or victimizing people, you have to start with you and your thoughts… it all starts with one pervasive thought. By the way, we are all  playing the victimizing  role in the Irak war…and Afganistan. Today.  That is the reality. We are all responsible for letting it happen. We are paying for that war. Talk about devaluing human beings and making them into numbers. Thousand of men, women and children dying every day…evaluated as collateral damage…

Again, it starts with a thought. Your emotional approach to money in your thinking process. Ask yourself the question… What is really money for you…Is it power?  Or is just a mean to an end because you are getting an equally valuable service or product in return…the kind of value that comes from the sense of contribution,  cooperation and community.

How about thinking of money as an investment instead of attaching the paternalistic hierarchical  tag to the equation that treats  it as a lifetime of in debt favour.  What if next time you are in a situation where you are investing in something or somebody, whatever it is, a partnership,  or a service,  your thinking focus is in the value being born with the transaction, instead of the illusory  idea that money makes you more powerful than your counterpart… You might be surprised with  the results…and  you may find that you are tapping into flow of extra money you never imagined.

Money  means nothing without the life force of “passion to contribute”, as one of my heroes, Barbara Marx Hubbard would say it…it may go on for a while but is milk coming from a sick cow…it dries out…like the stock market. Not sustainability.  That is the worst part.

This is why @ Soul Hang Out we  talk about the magic of the middle line between the fifties. That is where people involved in any transaction should start any conversation. In the middle line.  Between the 50’s. It is truly magic…

50/50 The Magic of the Middle Line.

Next time you  give money away in any shape or form,  to a friend or a partner is it going to be a favor or an investment? When you treat it as an investment you never lose. Is good business and spiritual practice.


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